Music In The Hills

In 2019, the Worthington Hills Civic Association began hosting a free concert for the community. The music is provided by the award-winning Chamber Music Connection under the direction of Deborah Barrett Price with several special guest artists. Music will feature a family-friendly participation repertoire including Broadway hits and pop cover tunes with new and classical favorites.

Overview of Music in the Hills 2019

CMC’s Music in the Hills concert started off with a bang when, just a few minutes into the 1812 overture, the rain began to pour. The stage roof protected us and our instruments from the worst of the elements until during the second song of our set rain began to flood the first violin section forcing them to retreat back towards the cellos. As the audience rushed to take cover in the school Aaron, Geoff, and I began to jam on the Stephane Grapelli tune Minor Swing and soon a group of seven or eight musicians joined us. After a few fiddle tunes were played the rain subsided and we rushed into the Worthington Hills Elementary School. Chairs were quickly set up in the gym and what remained of our audience filed in to hear the rest of our concert. The rest of our set went by without any major issues with one memorable moment occurring during our rendition of Part of Your World when the soloist’s little daughter came and sang with her mother. The guest artist were all incredible as was the audience and it was a wonderful experience getting to make music with all of them. CMC looks forward to participating in this wonderful event next year, rain or shine!

CMC Fellowship Student, Violist, Gabriel Cassell-Ramirez, 11th grade at Linworth Alternative Program/Thomas Worthington High School.